Bradgate Park Trust join forces with JHMT to create a ‘Heart Safe’ Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood for ALL

Bradgate Park Trust join forces with JHMT to create a ‘Heart Safe’ Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood for ALL

Posted: Sun, 19 May 2019

Bradgate Park Trust join forces with JHMT to create a ‘Heart Safe’ Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood for ALL

The Bradgate Park Trust has been working with local charity, the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT) who have supported the Trust in its appeal to raise funds to add defibrillators across the Bradgate Park Estate, which also includes Swithland Wood.

The Trust has successfully raised funds for installation of three units at Bradgate Park, that have been located at the Newtown Linford and Hallgates car parks, the Deer Barn/Visitor Centre in the heart of the Park. Funds have also been raised for a further unit at the highest point of the Park at Old John. As this is a listed feature this will require planning permission for the discreet siting of the cabinet on the rear of the arch on the side of the Tower.

New signage has been prepared highlighting locations and specialist volunteers from the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust are now supporting a programme to deliver the CPR and AED use training to volunteers and staff. The signage will be erected for launch at the Trust's Emergency Service's Day at the Park on May 19th.

Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood are popular places to visit, but sadly some visitors are taken ill when exploring the wider reaches of the Park, or at the heart of the Woodland. Every second counts when someone is having a cardiac arrest, when the heart suddenly stops beating. A defibrillator is able to restart the heart during a cardiac arrest and can save lives. When used, the survival rate can increase to 50%, but a speedy response is crucial.

Peter Tyldesley, Director of the Bradgate Park Trust said, "Our Rangers respond to first aid emergencies often daily in busy periods and give potentially life-saving assistance prior to the Emergency Services arriving, often in some of the least accessible areas of the Park. This is the reason we launched the public appeal last year to have equipment readily accessible to staff and visitors alike 24/7. We received many generous donations, including support from the JHMT for the new cabinets. These new units at Bradgate Park means that waiting times for urgent assistance are reduced and equipment is on hand. This can assist the Emergency Services greatly. We still wish to have a second programme to add units to Swithland Wood, as well as Old John and will continue to work towards this."

Dr Mike Ferguson (JHMT Medical Trustee) said: "If someone has a cardiac arrest, their heart stops pumping blood immediately and unless the heart can be started again they are likely to die. Minutes count with the chance of them living dropping by 10% per minute. Prompt CPR and the use of an AED can give them an over 50% chance of surviving: it is fantastic that Bradgate Park appreciates the need for rapid access to defibrillators."

Steve Humphries from the JHMT said: " "Everyone loves Bradgate Park, and it is close to many local family's hearts. We have been delighted to support the Park in its goal for a series of public access defibrillators, including supplying a £2400 grant for the defibrillator boxes, so that it's accessible to the local community as well as Park staff. It has been a good partnership project with JHMT providing advice and expertise. This approach of working together is exactly what the JHMT is all about. We hope the training given won't be needed, but is really important that more people have the knowledge and understanding on how to provide effective CPR and know how to use an AED in a cardiac emergency, where every second counts to save a life."

( A HUGE THANK YOU! to Team Joe: Marijke, Lesia, Julie, Kuldip for taking precious time out today, 19/05/19, to help hundreds of people of all ages learn key lifesaving skills: CPR and being familiar with how to use a defibrillator)

To find our more about the HEART SAFE Bradgate Park project go to:

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