Remy Madge

Remy Madge

Music Award


Remy is 18 years old and has a passion second to none for writing, recording and performing her own music. However any earlier attempts has been thwarted by a lack of equipment and funds. Hence the application for a JHMT Inspire Awards grants.

JHMT's Support

Remy said: 'I feel that with the right equipment I will be able to gain the experience I need to become a successful musician. In order to perform live music in local venues and share my music with those who enjoy listening to it, a number of items are required such as a PA amplifier. This grant will go some way in contributing to those costs and helping me on the way to fulfilling a dream.'

To follow Remy's musical journey and to see how the award is making a difference go to:



New PA!

Posted: 23rd Dec, 2014

Trying to find the perfect PA, which had to be best suited for my voice and also easy to transport, was a long process but I finally picked one and it arrived at my house earlier this week. This PA is... Read More »

Receiving my first cheque

Posted: 9th Dec, 2014

After receiving my first cheque I realised the exciting opportunities the JHMT have enabled me to access. I am looking forward to purchasing new performance equipment which will enable me to perform live... Read More »