Angad Dhadyalla

Angad Dhadyalla

Community Award



Hi my name is Angad and I am 15 years old and currently I attend Rushey Mead Academy. Since I was a child my parents organized many events and evenings where entertainment and food was provided and all of those proceeds went to charity. Due to this it built my ambition and inquisition to help others as I enjoyed helping others.

Once I heard about this opportunity of a lifetime I could not wait to apply for it. This opportunity is to go to Zambia and Botswana and help build schools and homes for underprivileged kids and families. I wanted to do this because I believe that the kids and families in those countries deserve a life like mine where education and healthcare is free and safety is not even a question. By doing just a little bit and giving back to the world, no matter how little or big the effort is. I felt I was doing what was right to give these innocent people and kids a chance in life to succeed and become a professional is any of their favourite subjects.

For this trip I needed to raise £3400 to be able to go on the trip. Each person needed to raise £3400. To raise such a large amount of money rattled my brain. However, then I thought about vegan macarons. Before this my mother used to bake a lot so I thought i could enlist her help and reignite her passion for baking. We then came up with the name Butterwick Cakes as Butterwick as the street my mother grew up on as a child. So that is where that business started and now is flourishing. Also I have been selling many things of FaceBook marketplace and gumtree to raise money.

My personal interests include football, basketball, volleyball, cooking and percussion instruments. I play for a football team by the name of Young Stars Academy and train weekly with games every Sunday and we also compete in futsal. Currently we are U15 Division 1 futsal champions of Leicestershire and Rutland.

Now because of the amazing grant I kindly received from the JHMT Inspire Awards I am able to do my part in society and help many others with one act of kindness from the people at JHMT.


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