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Posted: Thu, 23 Apr 2015

at the minute , I am enjoying being coached by a singing professional called Becky. She makes me laugh when I walk into the music room. she is a nice person to be around with. we start off the lesson with warming up our vocal chords to get our singing in gear. I do sounds like MeMiDoh and LaLa to get my singing in action. I take a breath before singing. I try my hardest in all lessons but I push myself a bit more in this music session. I attend it every Monday period 3 just after I have maths. I always put 100% into it.

I attend rock school too. Rock school is where you and your friends practice songs so you can prepare yourself for when you have a rock school concert in school or outside. there are different rock school groups within the school. there are about 4 groups. in my group there is Luke, Keeley, Sophie, Craig and me. we are a good group. my talent in rock school is singing. I would like to learn how to beat box too but singing is my main priority.

I practice singing at home all the time. whenever there is a song on TV, a good song then I will sing to it and it will not go out my head until another song I like pops into it. this is why I like singing with Becky so I can show her my songs that I practice every Monday.

by jack micklewright.