Thomas Hessin

Sports Award

JHMT's Support

This enthusiasm for boxing does not just end inside the ring as Thomas is keen to ensure his success will inspire other young people into the sport. He regularly gives up his time to coach and mentor the Branstone ABC development boxers and has assisted at community events.

He said ' I get so much positive feedback from people in the local community and I help teach the young class in my gym so that I can pass on my skills and experience and help bring on the next generation of champions.'

His coach Clare Lynch said: 'Tom gives 110% in every session and his success is a testament to his effort, he really is someone who can achieve the highest accolades in his sport and aspires to represent England at the Olympics. He is a credit to himself and the club.'

Thomas is also aware that boxing comes at a price both in terms of dedication to training and having the right equipment. He said: 'Boxing however is a sport that requires a high is level of discipline and hard regularly training, this causes wear and tear on my equipment e.g. gloves, running shoes, training clothes and these need regularly replacing. The award of a Inspire grant means the world to me to as it is from such a worthy cause and I know it will help me achieve my dream.'

'I have train at least 5 times a week at the highest level and because of this my training equipment constantly needs replacing as it wears out. I cannot compete and train the level I need to without my equipment.'


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