Muhammad Ibraheem

Muhammad Ibraheem

Sports Award



Muhammad Ibraheem is 14 years old and from Leicester. Young Muhammad is another one of the many talented hockey players working his way through the ranks to one day realise his ambition of one day of playing for England. Already, Muhammad's potential at Loughborough Grammar School has been spotted and he's been invited to attend one of new England Hockey Performance Centres'.

JHMT's Support

Playing sport at the highest levels come with a price in terms of time spent training, travelling and have the necessary equipment to play.

Muhammad said; ' The Inspire Awards grant would mean a great deal to me on many levels as I purse my goal of representing England. Also, having lost my sister in tragic circumstances, To be funded by an organisation like JHMT is something I can really connect with and this would make me very content. My sister loved sport to receive an Inspire grant would make her memory stay strong in me.'

Simon Taylor, Inspire Awards Project lead said: 'Muhammad has had to overcome adversity due to the death of his sister and we hope that our award will help him achieve his ambitious goal by meeting some of the essential costs that he will have to incur if he is to succeed,'


Reflection on the 2017/18 Season

Posted: 27th Jun, 2018

I love hockey. It's the sport that I play and that I am good at. All I really wanted to do was play and represent my team in every match I play.

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A Very Big Thank you

Posted: 18th Jan, 2017

Thank you to the JHMT for sponsoring me this year. The money will help me purchase a much needed racing suit.

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