Lydia Unsudimi

Lydia Unsudimi

Music Award


Lydia is 18 year's old, this popular and bubbly young person and has already packed a lot into school, college and community life in Leicester. She is renowned for being at the forefront of young people's issues in the city, serving previously in a number of key roles including school councillor, chair of Students Union and working to ensure young people's voices and views are listened to by those in authority.

JHMT's Support

One of Lydia's personal passions is writing her own music and singing. Not content with waiting for things to happen, she has taken the initiative and applied for a Inspire Award to purchase a quality battery operated amplier, microphone and stand. Lydia is already planning to organise a busking street tour to promote her music, gain vital experience in live performing as well her improving her voice projection.

Lydia said: 'I intend to engage participants by entertaining them, spreading positivity with good, wholesome music and giving the public the opportunity to donate money to a good cause as I have plans to busk for charities on various days.

Getting this award will help speed up my goals, push me to work hard and prove to me that my dreams can turn into a reality. This grant will also help me promote my music not only in Leicester but across the nation.'

Bez Killeen, LCC manager of the youth involvement team, said:' It is with absolute delight that I write a testimonial for Lydia, I have worked with Lydia for a number of years when she was first elected onto the Young People's Council. Lydia is an amazing young woman who lights up every room she enters, she is a fierce musical talent who simply blows me away! Lydia and her family have faced hardship for a number of years now but not one to be dragged down, Lydia holds her head high and continues to make the best of life with integrity and humility. I know in years to come I will see Lydia performing and with pride say, "I used to work with her!"




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