Libby Bell

Libby Bell

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My name is Libby Bell and I am a dedicated and motivated cyclist from Quorn, Leicestershire with hopes of reaching the highest level professionally.

I am 14 years old and have been riding a bike for as long as I can remember but racing for only 5 years. In the beginning I just raced road but quickly became hooked and was soon racing cyclocross and cross country mountain bike events as well.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be awarded a JHMT award and I am forever grateful. This helped me achieve several goals and definitely contributed to a much improved year.

Over the last twelve months I have gone from racing at a national level to winning at a national level regularly and have now even raced internationally representing the East Midlands at the UEC European Youth Mountain Bike Championships in Pila, Italy and have a national title.

My 2018 – 2019 Cyclocross season could not have gone any better. I won every regional race that I entered and all but one of the national races that I entered. I travelled the length of the country to compete at all of the HSBC National Cyclocross series and this finished with me winning the Under 14 national champion title – this was the best feeling ever! I earned my national stripes and can wear them on my jersey.

I trained hard through the mountain bike season spending huge amounts of time improving on my skill. Last year this paid off with a win at a national level and I finished fourth in the HSBC National Cross Country Mountain bike series overall. I was happy with this as a first year. This year I want to better this and so far I am second in the same series and still fighting for the win. Next month is the national champs and I am training hard to achieve this goal. To top the mountain bike season off, in August I will again travel to Italy to compete in the UEC European Youth Mountain Bike Championships representing the East Midlands. This year I want to improve on my result from last year which was 21st out of 90!

To mix things up this year I have raced my first road national races. My results have been 8th and more recently 6th. I know I can better this and look forward to two more road national races this summer.

Receiving support from The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust will assist me in continuing to compete at the highest level. I am motivated to continue to achieve and any support received is spent wisely and helps my family cover the cost of this expensive journey for me, thank you X.



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