Layne Morgan

Layne Morgan

Creative Arts Award



Layne Morgan is 15 years of age and already as an eye for business at the local Leicester charity *Pedestrian. He is working with a working with other young people on a enterprise project/exhibition aimed at developing core business skills and acumen.

JHMT's Support

Layne said 'We have applied for a Inspire Award small grant to help fund an exhibition for my enterprise class at *Pedestrian. Without this money we would find it difficult to supply our materials for a successful exhibition. Our enterprise project aims to simulate a realistic small creative business enterprise and we will be running it as a live brief. Approximately 15 of us each have to select our own enterprise project, identify costs and understand the impact these will have on our projects, demonstrate an understanding of the significance of effective marketing, plan, monitor and review the entire project.'

Layne added: ' We have planned this project with the aim of engaging the general public, so they want to come and purchase the goods that we have made. We will be working individually and as part of a team to create a successful exhibition/ pop-up shop.

'This is an amazing hands-on experience and opportunity. We are all learning about money management and general organisation that will help us to progress personally. This hands on experience will make us more confident (from talking to people, running our own businesses, and working together in the community). It could also lead on to progression routes like college. Personally, I'd like to carry on studying business.'

'The grant will help us create the foundations for our own businesses. Things like business cards, printed t-shirts and jewellery can be used again in the future. We wouldn't have the confidence to do this on our own for the first time, but are far more likely to do it again after this.'


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