Kristiana Groza

Kristiana Groza

Creative Arts Award



Kristiana is 16 years old and a very ambitious and creative young person. She is passionate about her art work and attends the *Sir John Moore foundation which offers opportunities for young people who do not thrive in mainstream school.

JHMT's Support

Her course Tutor said: 'Kristiana has to overcome many personal challenges in her life and despite of this never fails to show enthusiasm and has shown commitment and is always the first to volunteer for any extra curricular activity at the Foundation. She has taken active part in two summer schools based on art and she has recently completed her First Aid certificate. Kristiana is keen to engage in any activities offered to her. Whether this be visiting art galleries, volunteering at an event or climbing up a mountain! She has helped the foundation's resident community artist at community festivals and helped to deliver school workshops. Her recent experiences at a junk re-cycling exhibition has led to the desire to start the junk store and continue her leather work. She is a very caring and thoughtful person, she has great empathy for others and can sense when they need help which she is then able to freely give.'

Kristiana said: ' I want to set up the Junk Store at Sir John Moore as it is space where I am happy and creative and am surrounded by people that can support me. The Junk Store provides me with the opportunities to develop my skills, make art and I can have my own workshop space to create pieces for sale, for commission and to develop my own community and school workshops. By making art out of other peoples rubbish I am also being environmentally friendly.

The Inspire grant would help me purchase materials and resources to get me started as well as contribute towards transport costs of getting to Sir John Moore. It would help me turn my dream into a reality.'

Simon Taylor, the JHMT Inspire lead, said: Kristiana is a great example of what these awards are about .Her story is one of overcoming challenges and putting her talents and energy to positive use .She is a great example to all of us but particularly to young people .We are delighted to make this award and wish her every success'

* Sir John Moore foundation offers flexible & accredited courses that motivate young people who do not thrive in mainstream school in order to help them to engage with learning, or help them on to employment and offer them greater life c


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