Josh Gilbert-Weavers

Josh Gilbert-Weavers

Music Award


Josh is 17 years old and a very talented all-rounder both in term of sporting prowess and creativity. Both Josh and a close friend have already taken steps to set up their own production company that make promotional videos including wedding and music.

JHMT's Support

As in life, as in the business world things never stay the same still and despite making good progress with basic equipment they have already realize that to supply industry-standard videos will require better sound and videography equipment.

Josh acknowledges what a difference a Inspire small grant will make to the development of the business. He said: 'It would mean a lot. I have already to put a lot of time and effort into Tape Genius and it would be great to finally become a bigger and more professional business and to be recognised amongst the community'

'My original aim was to own my own business and do what I love doing as I have a passion for film making and photography, My dream one day would be to own my own production company and hopefully become as big as Lionsgate in London. I think my progress over the last half a year has been very good, I've had the chance to meet new people and provide them with a good service. This small pot of funding will help us take another major step forward towards achieving our goal.'


First client

Posted: 6th Mar, 2015

We have recently finished a small production for a client. We will soon be releasing it on our website. It was a great and busy day. Our new equipment made the production much smoother and quicker. The... Read More »


New 7D Canon

Posted: 25th Feb, 2015

We recently purchased a new 7D Canon camera. Thanks to the Trust and the money funded, we were able to buy this with a lot of ease. This will be a great help when it comes to filming. We can shoot productions... Read More »

Spending the grant

Posted: 19th Dec, 2014

I felt it a wise decision to leave the spending close to the christmas period as prices would be cheaper. We have ordered a new set of photography equipment. I look forward to showing off this equipment... Read More »

Receiving the first cheque

Posted: 17th Nov, 2014

After receiving the first cheque for the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, I have been overwhelmed with the equipment that we can purchase. At the moment I am looking at buying a new wide lens and photography... Read More »