Jess O'Brien

Jess O'Brien

Creative Arts Award



Jess O' Brien is 15 year's old from Market Harborough Leicestershire. Jess's passion is for making her own films both working in front of and behind the camera.

She has written and directed her first film, starred in an award winning short film, organised her own film premiere at an independent cinema, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, had her film selected to play at international film festivals, and began her GCSE's in media and drama. She is pursuing her dream of a career in the film industry. This year Jess was named one of national youth film organisation Into Film's 'Ones to Watch' and was awarded the Artist of the Year award named after Joe Humphries at the Lord Lieutenant's Awards in April.

Jess has exhibited an extraordinary dedication and ability beyond her 15 years for shot composition, story-telling, directing actors, achieving a creative vision and getting her work out into the world.

At present, Jess has to rely on borrowing her teacher's camera to make films. However she dearly love to buy one of my own without having to rely on the kindness of others.

Jess said: " The Inspire Award would mean a massive amount to me as I would be able to improve my filmmaking skills quicker. It's important in film to stay ahead of what others are doing and I am aiming to do that. I have an ambition to work in the film industry as a director, editor or maybe an actor. I'm doing everything I can to achieve this dream. I've recently visited BAFTA and made contact with Oscar winning visual effects supervisor, Sara Bennett to discuss how to start a career in the film industry. I've also had some of my films shown in festivals in the East Midlands and in different countries such as Australia and Greece. This camera would allow me to be more independent and to continue to strive toward my goal."

Simon Taylor's Inspire Awards project lead said: 'Joe's had a real passion for the creative arts and we know he would deeply approve of this particular award . We wish Jess every success and hope that the award goes in some way to achieving her very exciting potential.'

Here is a link to Jess's latest film she wrote, directed and starred in :


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