Jarrod Nel

Jarrod Nel

Sports Award



Jarrod Nel is 14 years old and has discovered a passion for horse riding which has helped him with his own personal development and self confidence.

JHMT's Support

A member of Meadow school of Riding, Jarrod has recently progressed to a higher class which has accelerated his skills level. He is also very keen to compete at riding events but this will require additional funding support for individual lessons.

Jarrod said: ' I'm determined to progress further with my horse riding but like many things in life nothing comes easy. The Inspire award will be help me immensely to achieve my goal of becoming the very best I can be and been in the best possible position to do well at horseriding events and competitions.'

Rhonda Olsen , Inspire Awards panel member said: Jarrod's application sums up what we are about .The key thing for us is to be able to make a difference to people's lives in areas where funding is not normally available and to applicants who might otherwise struggle to finance their passions .We wish him all the best and look forward to hearing from him with his progress'


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