James Pilbeam

James Pilbeam

Community Award



James is 17 years old and from Rothley, Leicestershire. Later on this year he will be one of eight other young people from his community who will be travelling as part of the ' Go Make a Difference in Tanzania ' project to help transform the lives of other young people and communities in rural Musoma, North Tanzania.

JHMT's Support

The project aims to help with the building of water towers for schools and villages, including toilet blocks in schools where there is nothing but a hole in the ground. Build goat huts so people are able to farm and provide an income for their family and also going towards the purchase of material so vulnerable women are able to make and sell clothing, making an independent income.

James said: ' The JHMT Inspire grant would mean a tremendous amount as it would mean that our work would be able to improve the lives of even more people in Musoma, North Tanzania. Through providing us with more money: a water tower will stop a child dying of cholera through drinking dirty water; by building a safe toilet block, it will prevent girls getting assaulted; by building a goat hut, women will be able to make an income and feed their families through means other than prostitution.'

Simon Taylor, Inspire Lead, said: ' Young people selflessly giving time and money to help people less fortunate themselves goes to the heart of the work of the trust and we were delighted to make this award.'


A couple of hours to go...

Posted: 28th Jul, 2018

Everything is packed and Swahili lessons have been taught (yet still klinging onto Google translate), so it must mean that we are now a couple of hours away from leaving.
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Two weeks to go!

Posted: 17th Jul, 2018

All the jabs have been done and all of the sun cream and insect repellant has been bought, meaning only one thing: we're almost off!

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Posted: 11th May, 2018

Another good time racing at midlands this year for me. Trying to squeeze revision in between my races was fun but nevertheless I was able to perform well, even in the middle of hard training, and its nice... Read More »