Harry Redfern

Harry Redfern

Community Award



Harry Redfern is 15 years old and is already an accomplished fundraiser who's recent feats were recognised with an award of a Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge pin.

JHMT's Support

Harry raised an amazing £2000 by doing the Coast to Coast Challenge (142 miles!) He is donating £1000 to Rainbows and £1000 is going towards a trip he will make next summer to Tanzania where he will be taking part in volunteer work such as building homes and schools for the local communities. This also involves going out into the Savannah and helping with conservation work for the animals.

Harry's fundraising activities are well underway in an attempt to raise the £4,500 to go to Tanzania.

Harry said: ' I would feel extremely proud that I have been recognised for my hard work and enthusiasm to help another community. The Inspire Award small grant will help me greatly to hit my fundraising target as every bit helps.'

Inspire project lead Simon Taylor said: ' we are delighted to assist Harry to raise his monies that will go towards his very important trip . His generosity deserves to be recognised by this award


Friday 26th - Day 3 - Rest Day

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

Woke up late after having a lovely lie in. Went to breakfast, Premier Inn's do the best breakfast, all you can eat, they're spot on every time.

We got into the campervan and took a slow, relaxed drive back... Read More »


Thursday 25th - Day 2 - Lanchester to Sunderland

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

After leaving Lanchester and getting some directions from the locals we got back on track, headed for Stanley. Sadly, a few steep hills stood in the way, luckily compared with the Lakes and the Pennines... Read More »


Thursday 25th - Day 2 - Allenheads to Lanchester

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

The road into Allenheads may have been wonderful, but the road out was a different story. Out of the cafe we were instantly met with a steep ascent that took us back to the top of the moors. It wound through... Read More »


Thursday 25th - Day 2 - The Hostel to Allenheads

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

The riders and crew awoke to foggy, misty weather. We were all aching from the day before and still had to cross the Pennines. The boys room smelled disgusting but we really could have stayed there all... Read More »


Wednesday 24th - Day 1 - Greystoke to the Hostel

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

The ride from Greystoke was one of the simpler sections. We dropped down out of the lake district and had to cross the relatively flat floodplain to reach the pennines.

After some (many) sandwiches and... Read More »


Wednesday 24th - Day 1 - Whinlatter to Greystoke

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

The descent from Whinlatter was thrilling. A very long, steep downhill through the forest. It was cool due to the shade which was a relief from the bright sun we had had all the way up to Whinlatter. We... Read More »


Wednesday 24th - Day 1 - Whitehaven to Whinlatter

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

It had poured it down throughout the night and I'll admit I was nervous. We woke up early and had breakfast. A bowl of cheerios and a second one for energy. We all climbed into the van. Mum, Dad, Josh,... Read More »


Tuesday 23rd August - Arrival

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

Having packed up the bikes into the camper van we had rented along with all the kit we needed for the support crew and the kit we needed for Scafell Pike, we set off for Ravenglass in the Lake District.... Read More »


February-August - Training

Posted: 20th Dec, 2016

Started my training rides in February. Generally I rode 15 to 20 miles once or twice a week afterschool or at the weekend with my uncle. Slowly increasing distance and effort each time. Also I would occasionally... Read More »


An unexpected turn of events!

Posted: 19th Dec, 2016

December has not turned out how I imagined to say the least. On Friday 9 December I was admitted to the LRI with severe abdominal pain. Extensive tests resulted in surgery which has meant that I will be... Read More »

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