Gregor Sinclair

Gregor Sinclair

Creative Arts Award



Gregor Sinclair is 21 years old and looking to develop his skills as a videographer/director, with the intent of providing advertising for local businesses, filming events as well as developing creative art with other Leicester-based film lovers.

To help fulfill his artistic ambitions, Gregor needs vital resources including professional-grade equipment and to kick - start making some really high-quality adverts and short films. Most of his current commercial work has been obtained through friends and acquaintances, but he intends to start reaching out to potential customers through other means (including online advertising, posters and networking events). As for fiction/creative work, Gregor is part of a local network of hobbyist filmmakers, many of whom have already expressed great interest in getting involved in future projects of mine.

Gregor said: ' The Inspire grant would not only allow me to fund equipment costs, but it would indicate a belief in my personal potential as a director, and that what I am able to contribute is of value to someone. The first step in a film career is always the hardest (for both practical and personal reasons), but a grant like an Inspire Award would give me both the funding and the confidence to start a life in local film. The opportunity is far too great to pass up on, and the effects it could have on my future are immeasurable.

'Much of what I've done so far has been small, no-budget work for free or expenses-only - with this award, and being able to reach a larger, more professional audience of businesses (and other local filmmakers), the possibilities would be limitless. Being able to afford lighting and sound equipment would completely open up my career prospects as a self-shooter, and allow me to work with people from all over the Midlands in making great films. I intend to start submitting my work to local and international festivals, and this grant would facilitate me taking that next big step.'

Inspire lead Simon Taylor said: ' Gregor is the latest example of how the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Leicester .We very much hope this award and Gregor's determination will help him achieve his goals and we look forward to him advising us of his progress


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