Fran Allen

Fran Allen

Creative Arts Award



Hi I'm Fran , I am 15 and I love art, crafts and design. I am currently in year 11 at school and one of my gcses is art. During lockdown i decided to try out all sorts of new techniques and use new materials and found a love of painting portraits! I have done sir Ian Mckellan, some of my friends and plenty of my sister . My final piece for my gcse is about emotions and I am just starting this.I have tried oils, acrylics, and watercolours, cross stitch and crotchet and hand knitting but there is so much more to try . This grant again will help me be able to buy some new materials and paint and equipment. I hope to use my new techniques and equipment during my gcse and hopefully alevel art next year I am very grateful for this award Thank you again jhmt




Posted: 27th Mar, 2021

This is a different technique . It's a pencil drawing of my best friend. I asked him to pull some funny faces and I took photos of him to draw from Read More »


More art

Posted: 5th Feb, 2021

This is one of my sister just completed for my art folder Read More »



Posted: 27th Jun, 2020

Thought I;d try something different Read More »


One of my lockdown paintings

Posted: 10th Jun, 2020

Here is one of my first lockdown portraits Read More »