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Finn Mansfield

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My name is Finn Mansfield, I'm 19 and I race bikes at an Elite level. Currently, I'm studying Medical Microbiology (basically bacteria and viruses) at the University of Bristol. I've been racing bikes for about 10 years, starting with racing cyclocross then racing road and MTB.

Cyclocross is like cross country running on bikes. Essentially, you ride a modified road bike with knobbly tyres around a wet field/woods. You get super muddy, wet, and potentially cold. It's brutal and will be one of the hardest hours of your life. It sounds horrific but is quite great. This was my first introduction to racing bikes as an 8 year old and I've been doing it ever since. I absolutely adore CX, there is so much that goes into a race. Line choice around a corner (I'll spare you the boring details), Tyre pressure (alike in F1 where tyre pressure makes a huge difference), weather conditions (there are many different types of mud, I can tell you what tyre and pressure you can ride in each one and how to handle the bike in each condition - CX NERD ALERT). We've managed to take riding a bike around a muddy field from something simple to degree level physics (in tyre pressure and line choice).

Last year I took a gap year to race cyclocross full time in Belgium. I spent 3 months racing the pro cylcoross circuit in Belgium and the Netherlands whilst training and racing as a pro. In between my trips abroad I worked at my local pub to earn money to allow me to go out to Belgium.

Now that I've left home, I've discovered how expensive cycling is! Bike maintenance really stretches the student budget but the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust ( JHMT) have helped me to balance my budget. The money will go to helping me maintain my bikes so that I can train and race at the highest level.

Next cyclocross season I will be racing at National competitions and am planning on travelling over to Belgium over the Christmas holidays to race some more of the biggest races in the world (I'm not quite done with Belgium yet!). I will keep you updated with how my training is going over the summer and how my race season goes!



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Posted: 8th Sep, 2021

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BUCS 25TT - 3rd Team!

Posted: 29th Apr, 2021

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