Evie Parkes

Evie Parkes

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Evie is a 16 year old tennis enthusiast, who hopes to drive her passion in coaching. She is from Leicestershire, and has made a significant improvement in her tennis and leadership skills in this past year. Evie first got into tennis at the age of 5, finding enjoyment in the sport. Over the next ten years her passion continued to grow, assisted by her coach and the people that surrounded her. Since joining Hinckley Town Tennis Club in 2014, her passion for the sport, as well as her talent, have both grown exceedingly. Her club describes her as a kind, cheery and welcoming member, and she can not wait to be a part of the coaching team. What motivated her desire to become a tennis coach was in fact her own tennis coach, Chris Bint who made her lessons motivational, educational and most of all, fun. Since first attending her club's Summer Camps in 2016 and subsequently volunteering at the club to help the younger players develop, Evie has decided she would love to take up coaching, develop her coaching skills and hopefully inspire many young players along the way.


Thank You!

Posted: 9th Dec, 2018

I would like to give my personal thanks to The Inspire Team for helping me to pursue my passion of becoming a tennis coach !

Also, I would like to thank Wayne over at United Exercise in Hinckley who has... Read More »