Ethan Morrell

Ethan Morrell

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Ethan Morrell is 18 years and from Twycross, Leicestershire. Recently he was selected to play for the England Under 20 mixed, Great Britain Under 20 Open and Great Britain Under 24 Open Ultimate Frisbee Teams. The teams will travel to Le Mans France, Wroclaw Poland and Heidelberg Germany throughout the Summer months at two World Championships and one European Championships.

JHMT's Support

Nathan is understandably immensely proud to have been selected to represent his country at the World Championships. This will entail an enormous of commitment both in my time to train to compete and financially as the sport of Ultimate is at present fully self-funded.

He is already embarked on a range of fund-raising activities, for example by holding bake sales and car washes, to cover the costs of the trip including team training leading up to tournament holding bake sales and car washes.

Nathan said: ' A lifelong ambition of mine has always been to be a world class athlete and I feel like this tournament would be a huge stepping stone for me to become noticed by North American teams (best in the sport) and players as well as to achieve my goal. Ultimate has now been recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and with this in mind, I am hoping to become and Olympic Athlete come the games of 2024, where we are hopeful our sport will be next in line to make its Olympic Debut,'

'Every bit of support helps so being awarded a JHMT Inspire Award will really help towards the cost of my trip later in the year,' Nathan added.

Simon Taylor, Inspire lead,, said: ' The award is a great example of the diversity of our applicants and we wish Ethan all the very best . We very much look forward to hearing of his success at the championships.'


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