Emily Lock

Emily Lock

Creative Arts Award



Hello, my name is Emily lock. I am currently studying a Creative Media (film & TV) course at St. Margarets Campus, Leicester College. In the future, I want to pursue a career in the Film & TV industry as I have been into film and making films for years now. This opportunity will allow me to get into the industry and do something that I love, filming.

The JHMT Inspire Award will really help me to purchase a camera with a lens and SD card, tripod and a basic camera top microphone. in doing so, this will enable me to continue to make film projects with my friends. We have recently completed two films for Soft Touch Arts with Keith Allott. I was the camera operator on both films and I've lived my ambition of being a filmmaker and want to pursue that. It would also help immensely with my studies at college as I am doing Media and Film Studies. Having access to my own camera would enable me to develop my learning and understanding in my own time and improve my chances of getting a good mark and future employment.

Simon Taylor, Inspire Lead, said: "We are particularly pleased to support the creative arts as in Emily's case and we hope this award will help her to develop her undoubted creative potential."



Thank You!

Posted: 3rd Dec, 2019

For the past couple of years, I have been making films and I've had to rely on my school with providing the equipment that I needed. With the help of this amazing fund, I have been chosen and I have been granted enough money to buy my own camera and equipment. Read More »