Elizabeth Rigley

Elizabeth Rigley

Sports Award



Elizabeth Rigley is 18 years old and from Seagrave, Leicestershire has been competing in cycle speedway events for nearly six years.

JHMT's Support

She has been selected to race in Australia as a member of the Ladies Great Britain Squad. Despite all the hard work required to compete at the highest level, the event in Australia is not funded by British Cycling.

Elizabeth said: ' The Inspire Award grant is so important to me. Every bit of support helps as ever since the age of 12 when I started cycling I have watched many men and women go to Australia to race for their country. This is something I've have worked so hard in training on and of the track for years. It would be very upsetting to miss out on this life changing experience due to un-affordable expenses.'

Simon Taylor, Inspire Awards project lead said: Competing at this level is expensive and we are delighted to contribute to Elizabeth's general expenses . We very hope to see her enjoy a successful international career'




Posted: 10th Dec, 2019

Two years on UPDATE

This award received in 2017 contirbuted to my travel to Australia for the cycle speedway world championships, However in many ways it has done a lot more than just this!! Read More »


Midlands Champs and National QT's

Posted: 2nd Jun, 2017

Just had a busy 3 days racing at Ponds Forge in the East Midlands Regionals.
I had decided this year as my backstroke times had put me in a such strong position on rankings I was going to have a go racing... Read More »