Eduarda Ponticelli

Eduarda Ponticelli

Sports Award


Eduarda is 12 years old and a integral member of Loughborough Town Swimming Club. The Leicestershire based club is renowned for nurturing and developing young swimmers.

JHMT's Support

Eduarda has been swimming since the age of 5 years old and her own words: 'swimming is my life, it's my passion and I want to be a professional swimmer when I grow up and represent England.'

For someone so young, there is no doubting the immense drive and determination of this very ambitious club swimmer. To help realise her ambition, Eduarda also recognises that there is a price to pay both in terms of commitment and dedication to the sport but also in terms of having the necessary equipment including swimwear, goggles etc and been able to attend swimming galas around the region.

Eduarda explains: 'This Inspire small grant award everything to me as my family can't support all my needs for swimming. This would also give me the boost I need to achieve my dreams which is to represent UK in National and International Competitions - hopefully the Olympics as well!

'My parents support me the best they can, but I can't always go to all the competitions and galas like I would like to attend. Also it would help a lot with getting me the best equipment in my sport.'



Swimming Competitions

Posted: 1st Dec, 2014

You have no idea how excited I am right now and how grateful I am for this.Thank you so much for giving me the money - it is going to help me so much with swimming gear and travel costs. I have already... Read More »