Carl Tincknell

Carl Tincknell

Community Award



Carl Tincknell Sports Award Carl is 19 years old and living in the Northfields neighbourhood of Leicester with his family. He has taken on a caring role for mum, eg I read her mail for her and helps out by dealing with any correspondence.

JHMT's Support

I have also been diagnosed with dyslexia and this has really held him back in education and seriously affected my confidence. I have struggled with depression at various points in his life. However, this doesn't mean I don't have ambitions for the future or talents I know I can develop. I have been
involved in Soft Touch Arts since I was 12 and this organisation has really helped me to realise that I have a creative side. Through Soft Touch there are opportunities for me to develop my creativity but unlike most of the other young people I have no access to a laptop at home that will help me to do this.

My immediate aim is to complete my Silver Arts Award and being able to work on my assignments at home on a laptop will help me to do this. This would be a major achievement for me and boost my confidence. I would have something positive to put on my CV which will help with applying for courses or jobs. And when I've got my Silver I'd like to go on and do Gold!

To help me complete the Arts Awards assignments and also to do my own creative community projects I need a lap top computer. For example, I did a summer project before (with funding from Unltd) in 2013 and I would love to repeat the experience as it went down really well in the ommunity, and I got a lot out of it, but without a computer at home I would struggle to do all the preparation work necessary.

One of my short term aims is to run a Christmas crafts project for children/families on the New Parks Estate. This is where I used to live and I ran a successful summer crafts project there in 2013. I learnt a lot doing the last project, and it really boosted my confidence, and I would love an opportunity to do something like that again. My plan would be to organise a project at New Parks Community Centre and advertise it through Soft Touch, the Community Centre, Library and other agencies on the estate.

A Inspire small grant would help me immensely to complete my Arts Awards assignments. I will be able to work on the application, which Soft Touch will help me with, to run a Christmas crafts project for children and also to plan and prepare the activities if I get the funding.

I see achieving these aims as part of a long term goal to build up skills and experience which will help me with my aspiration to move on in terms of education, training or hopefully getting a job in the future. Completing my Silver Award, moving on to Gold, and running the Christmas project will
really motivate me to achieve more in the future. I would like to be living a life which is more independent and free from depression.

Simon Taylor - JHMT Inspire lead said: 'A big part of the trusts inspire awards scheme is to provide support and encouragement to people who want to make a difference to their communities - Carls vision to undertake community based events is just the sort of vision we wish to support and we wish him every success and look forward to hearing from him in the future.'



The Beginning

Posted: 23rd Oct, 2015


Since i have been awarded with the award i have got my laptop and put the rest of the money to one side to help fund my christmas project im doing and i am planning to make snow globes with children... Read More »