Callum Twelves

Callum Twelves

Sports Award



My name is Callum Twelves and I am a 18 year old racing cyclist on the road and track. This year my goals are to win a medal at the Junior National track championships and to secure myself a place in a foreign team for my first year in under 23. So far this year I have raced twice in Belgium in UCI 1.1 races and I have raced in Spain for a 3 day stage race in Murcia. At the end of July I am going to Bilbao in Spain for 5 days of racing which JHMT are supporting with the cost of travel. These days of racing will assist me with both of my goals as if I perform well it will open doors for joining a team in Spain next year, and it will put me in good condition for the junior national track championships which are 2 weeks after in Newport in Wales.

JHMT's Support

My aim of progressing in the individual pursuit at the national track championships is one that I have already had for a while. Although the championships are in August next year I have already started my preparations. I have had this target in mind from the week after the championships finished this year and to be able to to fulfil this goal would make my whole season a good one.It will be a massive help this year to have the support of JHMT as it will benefit all aspects of my cycling not only on the track.

Simon Taylor, Inspire Awards project lead said: ' We hope that this award will help allow Callum to become one of the next generation of cyclists that this country seems to produce and encourage him to maintain the massive effort required for this sport.'



National TT championships

Posted: 22nd Oct, 2020

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Training is working

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Zoom gym session

Posted: 1st Jul, 2020

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Enjoying the sun

Posted: 10th Apr, 2020

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Approaching the racing season

Posted: 21st Feb, 2020

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Fun challenges in the gym

Posted: 5th Jan, 2020

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3rd session with John

Posted: 23rd Nov, 2019

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Thanks for my award!

Posted: 12th Nov, 2019

I was really pleased to be awarded a grant from The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust Inspire Awards. I'm a cyclist, 15 years old and have been riding and racing on road and track for the last 7 years. My award... Read More »