Athan Martin

Athan Martin

Creative Arts Award



Athan is 19 years of age and is a upcoming musician who's been singing, songwriting and dancing for local audiences from the age of 9 and now would like to take my passion for arts and make it a full time career. He is keen to develop his vocal skills and learn all about vocal health, further stage presence, how to use my voice properly and how to reach my full potential from already established professionals.

JHMT's Support

Athan said: ' I also feel that a grant will enable me to continue to be creative and artistic with my passion for the arts. It will be a huge encouragement for me to create my own material musically and to be able to publicise both myself and my music further.

I would also like to purchase music recording equipment to enable me to be creative record music from home with quality recordings to market myself along with some personalised business cards. The funds would also assist me to hire a photographer to take pictures of me performing for my portfolio, business's cards and eventually a website.'

Rhonda Olsen, Inspire Awards Team, said: ' All on the JHMT Inspire Awards judging team were delighted to support Athan with an Inspire grant that will help his realise his ambition of of a full-time career in arts.


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