Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran

Music Award



I'm 17 years old and from Narborough, Leicestershire. I have recently started performing at Age UK where I perform a 30 to 45 minute slot of old classics that they like to hear and enjoy.

JHMT's Support

I also go busking in Birmingham and Leicester often in order to earn money and have recently started studying at BIMM (British and Irish Institute for Modern Music) that is based in Birmingham, where I am studying a two year diploma course for vocal development. I go to open mic nights very regularly around Leicester where I perform covers but put my own style into them. I have also performed at music festivals, GlastonBudget and Thringstone Festival. I performed at a charity event at the True Blue Dance Academy, in support of those with cancer at their dance group!

Andrew said; ' The Inspire grant will big help as I continue to work towards buying a new guitar. This would mean that my live performances will sound so much better and it will create a nicer sound for the audience. It will also make me more confident as a musician.'

Simon Taylor, Inspire Lead, said: ' Andrews story is an inspiration to the young and the old , follow your dream ! – we are delighted to assist Andrew and look forward to hearing about the next leg of his journey'



Busking In Leicester

Posted: 11th Dec, 2018

A picture from busking in Leicester! A very cold day!