Alma Unsudimi

Alma Unsudimi

Creative Arts Award



My name is Alma Unsudimi. I am from North Carolina. I am 20 years old and a fashion student at Leicester College. My interests include art, modelling, acting, dancing, writing and fashion designing. My main passion is fashion because it is something I definitely want to carry far and make as my career. Since the age of five I have been involved in things that included fashion such as clothes, make-up, hair, shoes, nails, jewellery, hats, rings and the list goes on. I can remember why I was so passionate about fashion at that age because it helped my mood or expressed my emotions. For example, the colours yellow, pink, purple and green represented my happiness and blue, red, black and orange represented my sadness or anger. To me, the designs on the fabric were there to show what my emotions looked like. Fashion was like my therapy, it made my days better and I realised that fashion can help with other people's mental health. In my spare time I go to Open Access at my college in the sewing class to continue to develop my sewing skills and get familiar with different sewing machines. My biggest goal is to master all four industrial sewing machines and start to make some of my own garments and get to say out loud and proud "I made this". So far I can make sleeveless tops and I have been achieving distinctions and merits in my fashion work. I believe that I am going to achieve my biggest goal this year and I am willing to face any challenges that come my way.


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