Alejandro Arguelles Bullon

Alejandro Arguelles Bullon

Sports Award



My name is Alejandro Argüelles Bullón and I am a Spanish student studying Sport & Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University. I am honoured to have been selected as a Sport Development Officer for Volunteer Zambia 2019.

Volunteer Zambia is a project that the University has been involved in for a few years, sending 6 students to Lusaka, Zambia, to coach Sport to children and volunteers in different placement sites. Loughborough and 6 other universities send students during summer in 3 different groups. Sport is utilised as a tool to teach life skills to the young Zambians, adopting them with transferable skills that they all may utilise after our time in Zambia is over.

This project means a lot to me as I understand the importance of sport in young peoples development. Being a footballer myself and having played at County and Academy standard, I understand the values of sport and what it can give you for life. Being able to help is an honour and privilege that I am delighted to take on.

We have had to raise £1,500 individually and £5,000 as a group. That money will allow us to cover our costs whilst in Zambia, aswell as providing equipment and other vital payments for the trip.

We thoroughly thank the Trust for their amazing donation - we will ensure that everything we do is for the good of young people and volunteers in Zambia and our own personal development as coaches and most importantly, as young growing people.

Simon Taylor, Inspire lead, said: 'Coaching, developing and inspiring other young people is at the heart of what the Inspire Awards are about and we are delighted to support Alejandro with this project.'


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