UK Coaching’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest Digital Toolkit: Learn to Be Quick, Smart and Restart a Heart

UK Coaching’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest Digital Toolkit: Learn to Be Quick, Smart and Restart a Heart

Posted: Tue, 11 May 2021

UK Coaching’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest Digital Toolkit: Learn to Be Quick, Smart and Restart a Heart

Our partner, UK Coaching is thrilled to launch its free digital learning toolkit: which includes an interactive eLearning course. It will help people to know what to do in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, potentially saving thousands of lives every year. The toolkit, funded by Sport England, has been developed in collaboration with Resuscitation Council, St John Ambulance and **The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.

The toolkit includes:

  • practical information and advice
  • an immersive scenario-based eLearning course
  • a series of high impact and informative videos
  • insightful interviews and compelling written features with survivors, their coaches, and victims' families
  • signposting to further support.

TEAMWORK SAVES LIVES: We encourage anyone involved in sport and physical activity – including coaches, personal trainers, club organisers, referees, volunteers, parents, participants, and spectators – to access this life-saving learning.

No one should have to rely on 'Luck' in the hope someone else is equipped with the proper training, UK Coaching's toolkit can help – go to

YOU can make a difference YOU can save a life.

** Foot note:

Joe's Trust (JHMT) was instrumental in ensuring cardiac safety in sport was included within the independent "Duty of Care in Sport" review which was led by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and published in April 2017. The report advocates more training and better awareness of cardiac health at all sporting levels to help protect all people of all ages who play sport, and the importance of preventing deaths from SADS.

The follow on from the report resulted in JHMT working closely with Sport England and Sheffield Hallam University's Academy of Sport and Physical Activity (supported by BHF) to develop new guidance on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and the use of AEDs. The guide is designed to help raise awareness across the sport and leisure sectors about what defibrillators are, how they are used and the practical measures to consider in the event of needing to deal with a possible SCA.

To view the guide, go to:

Between 2019 to May 2021 period, attention turned to creating a new digital learning resource - for sports coaches at all levels led UK Coaching, funded by Sport England and developed in collaboration with The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT), UK Resuscitation Council, and St John Ambulance.

Play Sport, PLAY HEART-SAFE Leicestershire & Leicester - To find out more on how Joe's Trust ( JHMT) can help your club/ organisation from to create a heart - safe sporting and community environment go to

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