Young people talk about their experiences learning vital life-saving skills

Young people talk about their experiences learning vital life-saving skills

Posted: Sat, 13 Jul 2019

Young people talk about their experiences learning  vital life-saving skills

The defibrillator is on the fence surrounding the school grounds, on the corner of Maidstone Road and Hutchinson Street.

Members of the school council helped raise money for the new defib as well as for local charity the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT), which works to raise awareness of heart deaths like SADS (sudden arrhythmic death syndrome).

In recognition of the school's drive to ensure the local community is also better equipped to deal with a cardiac emergency, the JHMT donated a box for the defibrillator to sit in, to protect it from the elements and so that it is accessible to the public 24/7.

SADS can strike anyone at any time, particularly seemingly fit and healthy young people. Tragically, Rothley youngster Joe Humphries fell victim to SADS in 2012, while out jogging near his home. Since then, his family and friends have campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition, get more people trained in CPR, and more defibrillators fitted in public places.

At a recent launch event (9 May), students spoke out about why they thought their CPR and defibrillator training - delivered by members of the Heartwize resuscitation schools training programme - was so worthwhile.

Student Abrar Mova, vice chair of the school council, said: "Once learning about the importance of a defibrillator from Trust chair Steve Humphries, the school council wanted to go further and raise money to purchase one for the community around the school. We raised over £1,200. I will be leaving the school in a few weeks and I am proud to be leaving the school with this legacy - the ability to save lives."

Daljinder Padam, Assistant Principal at Moat Community College said: "It was great to hear our students speak out about why they think it's so important to be heartsafe. We want future generations of young people to leave Moat knowing CPR lifesaving skills and how to use a defibrillator.

"Now that we have our new public access defibrillator, we hope we will never have to use it - but in an emergency, being prepared is key. If someone falls victim to sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts. We are so proud to play our part to help increase survival rates."

Dr Mike Ferguson from the JHMT said: "Moat have really gone above and beyond. The students and staff have all been brilliant in their efforts to help create a heartsafe community environment. They've been tireless in their fund-raising and have shown 100% commitment to learning more about undiagnosed heart conditions like sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS).

"SADS can affect anyone at any time, even fit and healthy young people. Anyone can be a lifesaver by learning a few simple lifesaving skills which could mean the difference between life and death."

To find out more about the JHMT, visit

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