Rugby Club Takes Part in Life-Saving Training

Rugby Club Takes Part in Life-Saving Training

Posted: Tue, 13 Oct 2015

Rugby Club Takes Part in Life-Saving Training

Leicester Forest Rugby Football Club, in Leicester Forest East, has installed a new defibrillator. Club members got training on how to use the new equipment, as well as how to perform CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), from specialists at JHMT.

JHMT also provided a grant towards an external defibrillator box, which means the defibrillator can be placed outside and will be accessible to the wider community and other sports clubs.

It's the first time that a rugby club has taken part in the JHMT training, joining local football, table tennis and cricket clubs in ensuring that club members know what to do if someone collapses in sudden cardiac arrest.

The training is called Joe's Mini HeartStart for Sports, and was set up by the JHMT after the death of Joe Humphries, aged 14, from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS).

Twelve young people aged 12-35 die in Britain each week from undiagnosed heart problems like SADS. Such problems can come to light during sporting activities, but if CPR is started immediately, done effectively (by a trained person with the victim lying flat) and a defibrillator can be got to the victim within eight minutes, the majority of people could be saved, without brain damage.

Trust patron Martin Johnson said: "It's great news that Leicester Forest Rugby Football Club is joining the ranks of local sports clubs that are benefiting from Joe's Mini Heartstart for Sports.

"I do hope this fantastic example of good safety in sport triggers a domino effect across all of the Leicestershire rugby family. There couldn't be a better time than right now, with Leicester currently hosting games for the Rugby World Cup 2015."

Noel Davenport from Leicester Forest Rugby Football Club said: "Our first training session went really well, and we'll be running further sessions in the future to make sure club members can fully familiarise themselves with the kit.

"It's really important that we all know what to do if someone collapses, because acting fast in these situations is vital. We're grateful to JHMT for their support and training."

Another community football club, Quorn FC, has also taken up JHMT's training.

Secretary Reg Molloy said: "We found our first session very informative, as although one or two of us had first aid experience, no-one had previously had specific training with the defibrillator, so we all benefitted.

"We decided we needed the training after buying the defibrillator, so we got in touch with the JHMT. We hosted a charity football match for them a couple of years ago, before which we were unaware of the seriousness and scale of problems like SADS.

"We now know that sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere including seemingly fit and healthy young people playing sport or taking part in physical activity, so we can no longer take anything for granted. We proudly wear the JHMT Logo on our away strip and we will continue to promote and support JHMT in any way we can."

Other clubs which have recently benefitted from the training include Saffron Dynamo football club and the Advanced Football Development Academy, led by former Leicester City legends Steve Walsh and Muzzy Izzet.

The JHMT is currently running SADS Awareness Week (3-10 October), a week of events aimed at encouraging people to #beHeartsafe, learn CPR and find out more about sudden heart deaths.

For more information on Joe's Mini HeartStart for Sports, SADS Awareness Week and the other work of JHMT, visit

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