General Standards That You Can Expect During a Coroner's Investigation

The Coroner's Office

The Coroner's office will:

  • explain the role of the Coroner and answer your questions about Coroner investigations
  • give you contact details for the office ie. named individual and his or her phone number or email address
  • help you understand the cause of death
  • inform you of your rights and responsibilities
  • take account where possible of your views and expectations, including family and community preferences, traditions and religious requirements relating to mourning, post mortem examinations and funerals
  • provide a welcoming and safe environment and treat you with fairness, respect and sensitivity
  • act with compassion and without judgement about the deceased and the cause of death
  • treat children and young people involved in an investigation in an age appropriate way in co-operation with the adult(s) responsible for their care
  • make reasonable adjustments, wherever possible, to accommodate your needs if you have a disability (including a learning disability)
  • help you to find further support where needed
  • during a long investigation, unless otherwise agreed with you, contact you at least every three months to update you on the progress of the case, and explain reasons for any delays
  • explain, where relevant, why the Coroner intends to take no further action in a particular case

The Coroner's office cannot give any legal advice.

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