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Peta Jarvis

Winter competitions

By Peta Jarvis (Sports Award)

As triathlon is a summer sport, over the winter I have been focusing on improving my performance in the single disciplines. As part of this I competed in the Leicestershire County Swimming Championships,... Read More »

Posted: 24th Mar, 2019

Jessica Nelson

Recent Training

By Jessica Nelson (Sports Award)

Over the past few weeks I have travelled across the country from Pwlhelli to Weymouth to take part in our various squad trainings. All three weekends were very breezy which helped us to work on our technique... Read More »

Posted: 18th Mar, 2019

Campbell McFarlane

World Championships

By Campbell McFarlane (Sports Award)

After last year rciving the award allowed me to travel to Germany and return with 2 bronzes for GB and this year I am glad to recive the award as it is allowing me to travel to Thailand to compete in the... Read More »

Posted: 14th Mar, 2019

Dylan Sanghera

Improved ranking

By Dylan Sanghera (Sports Award)

After competing in Tipton at half term the LTA rankings have updated. I've moved up to 26 in National rankings so on right pathway to get entry into summer nationals. Hopefully hold onto the spot.

Posted: 4th Mar, 2019

Rebecca Laurel


British Cycling National Youth Forum

By Rebecca Laurel (Sports Award)

Today, I attended a British Cycling National Youth Forum meeting in London. This is the second year I had been on the forum, which aims to discuss and develop cycling and volunteering for young people.... Read More »

Posted: 2nd Mar, 2019

David Aryeetey


Thank you!

By David Aryeetey (Sports Award)

Thank you to the JHMT for supporting me once again with another grant! This is the 3rd year I've received support from the team and it means a lot! The grant will help massively with my progress this year... Read More »

Posted: 1st Mar, 2019

William Graham


Melton Mowbray Junior Sportsman of the Year

By William Graham (Sports Award)

I recently attended the Melton Mowbray Sports Awards as I had been nominated for Junior Sportsman of the year for 2018. I had made it through the shortlist to be able to attend the night in the top 3 and... Read More »

Posted: 1st Mar, 2019

Naomi Blankley


Melton home show 23rd Feb 2019

By Naomi Blankley (Sports Award)

An update on my fight from the 23rd of February,

I had an amazing bout with a tough component from London and fought on my home show in Melton. This fight was amazing and very beneficial where I learnt... Read More »

Posted: 28th Feb, 2019

Megan Morrison


Bucs Long course Championships February 15th 2019

By Megan Morrison (Sports Award)

On Friday February 15th I travelled up to Sheffield to compete in the Bucs Long Course Championships. I was only swimming the one event 200m Breaststroke which was on Saturday February 16th.

I qualified... Read More »

Posted: 27th Feb, 2019

Dylan Sanghera

Half Term Competition

By Dylan Sanghera (Sports Award)

I decided to challenge myself and compete in an older age group over half term Regional competitions. I competed in the 18 singles and doubles at Tipton Tennis Centre.

I had a successful first round match... Read More »

Posted: 25th Feb, 2019