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Megan Morrison

Burns Meet Sunday January 27th

By Megan Morrison (Sports Award)

First Long Course race of the season up at Ponds Forge Sheffield, I travelled up for the 200m Breaststroke on Sunday 27th January. I have not raced long course since last July so wasn't sure how my race... Read More »

Posted: 28th Jan, 2019

Megan Alice Hunt

Inspire Award 2019

By Megan Alice Hunt (Community Award)

I want to say thank you for the JHMT for agreeing to help me with getting a new sewing machine, I can't wait to be able to buy once I have my cheque. This will mean I can get on with my De Montfort University... Read More »

Posted: 24th Jan, 2019

Jessica Nelson

First training of 2019

By Jessica Nelson (Sports Award)

This weekend we had our first training of 2019 at Draycote Water Sailing Club, this inland venue provided fantastic training with lots of shifts and gusts that we had to plan ahead for and prepare for.... Read More »

Posted: 21st Jan, 2019

William Graham

Counties 2019

By William Graham (Sports Award)

I have recently competed in the first two weekends of the Leicestershire age groups and swam a few great times for this stage in the season. Training has began fully again and we are working hard towards... Read More »

Posted: 20th Jan, 2019

Candice Hall

2019 Inspire Award

By Candice Hall (Sports Award)

Thank you to the Judges for awarding me a grant once again for the coming year. This award will help me tremendously with my swimming. I have several competitions coming up, one in Edinburgh and I will... Read More »

Posted: 18th Jan, 2019

Jacob Farrington

Back to College

By Jacob Farrington (Sports Award)

Back to studies and basketball at college and straight into a game on 9th January against Upper School Academy, Bury St Edmunds. The score was 71 points to 50 to them but we thought that we put in a good... Read More »

Posted: 14th Jan, 2019

Jacob Farrington

New term

By Jacob Farrington (Sports Award)

Started a new term at college and back into studies and basketball. First game of 2019 on 9th January was against Upper School Academy, Bury St Edmunds. It was are hard game especially after a two week... Read More »

Posted: 14th Jan, 2019

Rebecca Laurel

Coaching course

By Rebecca Laurel (Sports Award)

I have spent the money received on a cyclocross coaching course, at the end of June. I'm really looking forward to it as it is my favourite discipline to race. Thanks once again

Posted: 13th Jan, 2019

David Aryeetey

First competition

By David Aryeetey (Sports Award)

Yesterday, on the 12th, I took part in my first indoor competition of the season. I competed in the 60m hurdles at an open meet at Loughborough University; it was my first outing at my new age group, under... Read More »

Posted: 13th Jan, 2019

Sameer Chenia

2019 Update

By Sameer Chenia (Sports Award)

Awesome news!!! The end of 2018 heralds a new beginning for January 2019...

Turned 16 and finished December with my highest ranking to date! Currently placed 111 Nationally in all age groups (a jump of... Read More »

Posted: 11th Jan, 2019