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William Graham


Melton Mowbray Junior Sportsman of the Year

By William Graham (Sports Award)

I recently attended the Melton Mowbray Sports Awards as I had been nominated for Junior Sportsman of the year for 2018. I had made it through the shortlist to be able to attend the night in the top 3 and... Read More »

Posted: 1st Mar, 2019

Naomi Blankley


Melton home show 23rd Feb 2019

By Naomi Blankley (Sports Award)

An update on my fight from the 23rd of February,

I had an amazing bout with a tough component from London and fought on my home show in Melton. This fight was amazing and very beneficial where I learnt... Read More »

Posted: 28th Feb, 2019

Megan Morrison


Bucs Long course Championships February 15th 2019

By Megan Morrison (Sports Award)

On Friday February 15th I travelled up to Sheffield to compete in the Bucs Long Course Championships. I was only swimming the one event 200m Breaststroke which was on Saturday February 16th.

I qualified... Read More »

Posted: 27th Feb, 2019

Dylan Sanghera

Half Term Competition

By Dylan Sanghera (Sports Award)

I decided to challenge myself and compete in an older age group over half term Regional competitions. I competed in the 18 singles and doubles at Tipton Tennis Centre.

I had a successful first round match... Read More »

Posted: 25th Feb, 2019

Candice Hall

BUCS Long Course Swimming Championships 15 to 17 February 2019

By Candice Hall (Sports Award)

The weekend of 15 to 17 February 2019 was the BUCS Long Course swimming championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

I was entered for 3 events - 200 freestyle, 200IM and 400IM. I came second in the 400IM and... Read More »

Posted: 25th Feb, 2019

Harry Elliott


Harry Elliott

By Harry Elliott (Sports Award)

Thank you to the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust. I'm half way through my first year at Brooksby College as part of the Mansfield Town FC Performance Group and this will help with my travel expenses and also... Read More »

Posted: 23rd Feb, 2019

Ethan O'Shea


2018/19 Season Update

By Ethan O'Shea (Sports Award)

Thank you to Joe Humphries for their continued support which allows me to focus on my training. This grant will help cover my training expenses for the upcoming year.

I had a busy and successful summer,... Read More »

Posted: 18th Feb, 2019

Melissa Lock

2019 Wakeboard Season

By Melissa Lock (Sports Award)

I would like to thank the Inspire team for awarding me a grant towards costs of international boat wakeboard competitions. Boat wakeboarding is a very expensive sport, but as a non-Olympic sport there... Read More »

Posted: 17th Feb, 2019

Josh Orme-Herbert


By Josh Orme-Herbert (Sports Award)

Thanks for the support, the money will go to bettering my training and the coaching I get. Recently I've been making technical changes which will improve the rhythm of the throw and being more efficient... Read More »

Posted: 15th Feb, 2019

William Graham

Counties 2019

By William Graham (Sports Award)

The last two weekends of counties were mostly successful as I came away with 3 medals, one being a gold in the 200 freestyle. In all my races I feel confident saying my skills are alot better in the stroke... Read More »

Posted: 15th Feb, 2019