First block of tournements back!

Posted: Fri, 24 Sep 2021

So recently i have been in a 15 week training block for some tournements which i have played,

- senior silver dorset

- English national badminton championships

- u19 gold Hertfordshire

Starting with the senior silver dorset, i only played doubles in this one with my new partner joseph scott. We play outstanding by reaching the semi finals and battling against a very good pair who were seniors! We were very proud of our performance especially due to our age being so young it is a great experience to be playing against players who are adults. Overall this competition was great we came home with our heads high ready to go again in the next event.

Now speaking about the biggest event of the season, English national badminton championships which is the main event of the year for all elite athletes, within this event i only played doubles again as when i played this tournament i was suffering from a pulled glute which was preventing me from playing singles which wasnt what i wanted but you have to make a judgment and on this occasion i chose not to play singles. But anyways we had a reasonable draw for the round of 16 and we went and won the game in three sets in a good battle against a pair from cornwall with the scores being 21-14, 19-21, 21-12. Winning this put us through to the quarter finals against the 3/4 seed which means one of the best pairs in the event, we went on court with our heads high ready to take our abilities straight to them. We had a great start being 11-10 up at the first interval, but then unfortunately the opponents took the game 21-12, 21-17 after a tough battle it was another great experience and i hope to play again in such a high level tournament again soon.

Finally, the u19 gold hertfordshire, to start for this event i was recovered from injury and played singles again, making my debut as the 3/4 seed in the event. smashing my way through to the semi finals on the next day and beating 1 ex england player and winning the final against a current full time england player in straights sets forcing him to withdraw due to an injury in a great game ending 21-11, 5-1 (retired) which therefore crowned me the singles champion of the u19 gold hertfordshire! Onto the doubles i also had a great running in the doubles getting through to the semi finals and unfortunantely loosing out on a place in the final it was a great weekend with many good acheivments.

none of these acheivements would have been possible without the support from you guys at @joejumphriesmemorialtrust and the funding.

i cannot express how grateful i am for your help and support i hope you continue to fund me thank you so much,

yours sincerly, Luke Hoult.