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Posted: Sun, 10 Feb 2019

Where do I start, I have been to several tournements over these past couple of months e.g. u17 gold in Nottingham, Rio team tournement and u18 county championships! In the u17 gold I didn't play up to the standard I should of but I was happy with how I played to a certain extent. On to the Rio team event, Leicestershire cane second overall out of 8 top county's in thre country, some amazing wins by the team players and were so proud with every one of them. Finally the u18 county championships, this is the worst tournement because you have to play against your own team mates, but apart from that I played extremely well throughout the whole day, placing 2nd in singles, 1st in men's doubles with my partner Rowan Clark and finally placing 1st in the mixed doubles to finish the day of was for a day to be proud of. Also had a great coach for the day ANTOHNY CLARK. Many more great tournements coming up throughout the rest of the season.