Start of the season!

Posted: Thu, 29 Nov 2018

Start of the season!

Great start to the season so far, with winning a gold medal in Nottingham under 17 sliver in doubles and coming home with a silver medal in mixed doubles. Had a great performance, therefore good results.

Second tournement of the season:
Under 17 gold and Milton Keynes, was a good experience to my first gold tournement playing against people older than me, I lost in the second round in mixed, and had a tough match in the quarter final of the singles.

On to my third competition of the season which was the under 17 gold in Gloucestershire, played extremely well in my mixed doubles but unfortunately missed out on a win losing to a good pair in the first round, on to singles played very well in my group stage, in the quarter final I unfortunately lost to a player from Yorkshire.

My fourth and final tournement of true season so far, was last weekend in Leeds, I performed better than any completion I have played this season, I won the first round of my mixed doubles but unfortunately missed out on a medal losing in the second round to a high level pair, but in the singles it all changed I won my group rather easily, won my quarter final comfortably, which put me through to the next day in the semi final, I won the semi final but was a tough match. THE FINAL, unfortunately I lost in the final to a welsh player who was a very talented,tactical badminton player.

My medal from my most recent tournement is shown above.