Posted: Tue, 24 May 2016


As I return to Europe, my brain is buzzing with all that needs to happen to finalise the coming-together of my debut album. I am nourished and spurred on by my last 6 months' travels, preparing my first CD and at the same time, I'm daring to think about the journey still ahead. The excitement pumps adrenaline through my system and I must remember to take frequent 'time-outs' to slow my heart.

Travelling has been such a rich pleasure. I have seen so many new places, heard so many new voices, learnt so much about myself, shared so much and been offered so much of other peoples' hearts.

Across the mountains of Chile, music making in the streets of Argentina, singing in the sands of Brasil, writing at the base of waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago. The places I have visited, the foods I have tried, the new music, friends and parts of myself that I've discovered, I am pouring into my new tracks.

I feel so lucky, truly blessed and honoured. Now, all of the ways I can use the gifts I've been given to help others, are beginning to swirl together into strong shapes. I have long had the germination of a mission at the back of my mind and in the centre of my heart. It is, to make time to use the talents I have, particularly music and love, to help people in a special way and for a higher purpose.

I feel I have found a direction in which to focus my life's energy. I am exploring the possibility of setting up a Therapy Centre in the Caribbean - initially aiming to work alongside people who have suffered a loss.THE IERE CENTRE – has begun to take shape. The name coming from the old native word for Trinidad and Tobago, meaning - the land of the humming-bird.

Where I am fortunate so far, to have those close to me still be alive and relatively well, many people who are close to me have lost people close to them in tragic ways. Life, which for me is and has been such an exquisite pleasure, can be cut short so very quickly and unexpectedly.

Growing up, my brother lost his father, and brother in road accidents. My best friend lost her mother to the big C, cancer. My god-parents lost their baby girl in a terrible accident. My auntie lost two of her brothers when she was growing up. My Mum's best friend lost her son as a teenager. And even recently my dear friend Lydia Unsudimi lost her father. All of these, tragic, devastating and life-changing losses have confirm even more that there needs to be a space. For support, healing, listening. For creative outlets. For just being.

This Iere centre will be a place of healing. Encompassing music therapy, psychotherapy, combining my love for yoga, nutrition and the arts. I see it as an international twinning, involving local people and for local people – involving people from Leicester and for people from Leicester – promoting intercultural exchange..

The Iere Centre - Being there, alongside people … as they find a Sense of Purpose again

Life, through loss, and back again to new life .…

I feel invigorated to have found a direction - and more motivated than ever to sing with a passionate fire, and I know that my gift will be able to help others.

With the help that you have all given me, with an intrepid spirit, I am pushing forward and I am determined, in the timeless tradition of young people all over the world since the beginning of time, that I will make a positive difference and the Iere Centre will make a positive difference. And once again, I thank JHMT, for helping me along my journey to make lasting impact and change through sharing love and music.