JHMT Creative Support

Posted: Wed, 22 Jul 2015

I am an upcoming fantasy and comic/manga artist living in the UK. My dream is to set up my own freelance art business and build a friendly community of creative people around the world to help share, learn and experience creative arts with.

I work on traditional pictures, digital images, illustrations and comics, games and animation.

Thanks to the JHMT Inspire Awards I was given the support needed to help get equipment to give my business a head start! With the funds, I bought myself a scanner to scan images and photos onto my computer in order to upload them to the internet as well as work on digital pieces of artwork from them.
I got two memory sticks so I can save ideas, documents, artwork and any other work related files.
I also upgraded my computer by getting a new graphics card and power supply for it, allowing it to handle more demanding game engines and images. The graphics card has proved highly useful in the 3D game engine market as engines that ran at 1fps and were rendered unusable are now running smoothly at a constant 60fps.

I now have all the essential equipment needed to set up my business efficiently and effectively. I cannot thank the JHMT enough for their support and help, it has made a huge difference. Thank you!